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I'm from Hamburg, did not study or was in school to learn how to Paint. Just do what I love to do.
My inspiration to paint came from Reggae Music, which is full of true inspiration. I'm growing with every conscious Song ;)
It could be a word, a situation, feelings which makes me paint. I love to paint in my own way.
I paint with Oil, Watercolours, Graphite and Household. I also do Computer Graphics.

Feel free to be welcome on my Website!
Time Inna TimeNo Matter How, Forward!Royal LionNot GuiltyRefugeesCloseness
Little Shop, St. Elizabeth, JamaicaHills In Santa Cruz JamaicaEarly Morning On The Way To Nine Miles Jamaica, Bob Marley CelebrationThe Wise View Of A Queen

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01-01-2015 15:36
Winter HillI Can't Breathe!VibesIn Turbulent Times - Keep The FaithNo Title YetSista
Tower Bridge Ala FantaWhen Sun And Moon...Angel @ WorkCare Mother NatureReggae Artist Singing VernonDrums which nobody beat is like a palm without leaf

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12-01-2014 07:08

Mrs Neeraj Parswal
a very versatile... creation....ultimate and amazing Regards

Fanta Fofana
Thank you Mrs Neeraj Parswal! It's a honor to me to look at your good work too!

Daniel DeNapoli Mr. Danno
Great!! Love the colors!!

Fanta Fofana
Thank you Daniel DeNapoli Mr. Danno!

Daniel DeNapoli Mr. Danno
He was talented!!!

Fanta Fofana
Is still talented, thank you Daniel!

Delma Donasco-Molina
i like your father's work..and i love boats and sheeps too.

Fanta Fofana
Any Artist who get Trading Cards, let's share it to each other!

Fanta Fofana
Cool, let's share!

Fanta Fofana
Did a Card now and will post it as soon as possible to you.

Peter Kimble
I am up for that sister.

Fanta Fofana
What a cool thing!

Ashley Christophers
I agree! Lucky people!!

Fanta Fofana
Yes, some where real lucky! It's also a big sign against the Art-Prices. I like his Art and his way of bringing messages to the people.

Mrs Neeraj Parswal
nice creation

Fanta Fofana
Mrs Neeraj Parswal, thank you so much!!!

Rastaman Live Up Bongoman Don't Give UpKeep Your Dreams AliveVillage WalkWish It Could TalkEgyptian GoldLet It Grow Again
BrushflowersSame Boat 2Walking With The SpiritNature CareRoots To RootsSisters

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16-02-2013 02:59

Nad H.
C'est excellent !

Fanta Fofana
Thank you FIROME Bernadette!

GengXingYu Geng
Very beautiful, I love it.

Fanta Fofana
Thank you a lot GengXingYu Geng!

Boi K' BOI
Your work so excellent!!!

Fanta Fofana
Thank you Boi K' BOI! I can say the same about your work! Fantastic!

maria mascarenhas
Tou amando as suas obras!!

Fanta Fofana

Fanta Fofana
That's a nice painting from Costin Paul, very nice!

Sheri Wilson
This is wonderful. Love your green palette.

Fanta Fofana
This is a painting from the Artist Costin Paul, you can find him here on Pictify.

charles gallagher
So powerful and full of something extra

Fanta Fofana
Thank you!

Simple Life
Simple Life From: Fanta Fofana
11-07-2012 16:34

Fanta Fofana
Inspirations come from the Reggae Artist " Singing Vernon " from his song " Simple Life ".

Beauty From: Fanta Fofana
10-07-2012 19:12

Fauzia Khan
salam..i like your inspiration to paint :) do paint as you wish..thats is reality of A GENUNE... read more

Fanta Fofana
Thank you very much Fauzia Khan.

Mrs Neeraj Parswal
really your imaginations are class apart

Fanta Fofana
Thank you!

BO Olsen
I'll meet you there.

Fanta Fofana
BO Olsen, that one was good ;)

maria mascarenhas
Fanta um Bom Ano para você

Peter Kimble
You are a master sir. Be happy and know your art is well appreciated. Your bro in art, Peter.

Fanta Fofana
Thanx my Bro in Art!