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Man Ray - Untitled
Man Ray - Untitled From: Samuel Pepe
20-03-2012 14:07

Shuja Ali
what is this??

zhoutengshan zhou
Simple is beauty, is brilliant at will

carlo grassini
Dear Shuja, I think I understand your question. Answer: She is woman.

carlo grassini
Now stop scratching your head!

Azhar Latif
Challenges to pen an Essay with a title of essayist's choice.

Patty Houck
I love all these grey and blue tones. They are such a good contrast against the model's trousers!

Md Wahid

Steven Mask
It's lovely to see Botticelli incorporate humor into his painting.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
(69 x 172 cm - Londres, Galería Nacional. Es una pintura muy hermosa. Es muy interesante ir a visitar esta... read more

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Bellisima obra. A Sandro Boticelli Leonardo le criticaba por, segun el, no saber pintar paisajes. De esto se deduce que... read more

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
En otro precepto Leonardo comenta que pintar paisajes tirando la esponja con colores a la pared, como decia Sandro Botticelli... read more

Penny Glasgow

Luz Gill
I love the brush strokes.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Bellísimas sus pinturas. Sin embargo no es tan conocido como los demás artistas del período impresionista.

Zrina Jovic
Saw this at the National Gallery Of Art in Washington

ferlicaaudept lalapuput
This film is very unusual for me, the first time I watched this film was because my friend showed me... read more