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Artist, Teacher, Landscaper
I had a vision 23 years ago where all matter became an infinite plane/plain of light; everything including me, the viewer, was fluctuating superimposed data: it was an ecstatic experience. There was no one specific method or action which brought me to this point; only a focus on personal concepts of love, kindness, wishing others well, and how my being is connected to people, places, and things near and far away. How can I describe something I cannot quite define?

Visually, it was light brighter than the sun, but it did not hurt my eyes; combined with a state...

Sue Foerster
thanks for sharing my post!

Volodymyr Tsyupko
Like v much

Michael William Benton
Thank you for your comment, Volodymyr! Positivity makes my day!

Giovanni Papandrea
A major effect of colors.

Michael William Benton
Thank you, Giovanni.

Leah Robb
Hey, thanks for following. I'm hopefully going to get some more stuff up soon. I'm just getting used to finding my way around here:)

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Art Show From: Michael William Benton
15-06-2012 05:40

John Janzen
I love it when you see someones creation, and you can't even imagine doing it yourself. It is a wonderment... read more

Michael William Benton
Thank you very much, John; I really enjoy the specificity of word selections in your comment. My work is constantly... read more

Giovanni Papandrea
Thanks so much,Michael. You're very kind. Trovo la tua pittura molto interessante.Ammiro la tua continua ricerca che evolve verso una... read more