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Beautiful work !!!

Vincent Pontarelli
Thank you for sharing my photos,it is very flattering to be chosen wih all the great work you shos.Sei italiano per casoÉ

Massimiliano Ligabue
you're welcome!:)grazie a sono Italiano

Peter Kimble
I am sorry not to have the time at 11.14 pm to tick like on all the art you have posted, as it is almost all. Thank you for liking my work, as it has enabled me to enjoy yours. Best wishes, your brother artist, Peter.

Dora Bratelj
a great choice of the old classic art photography

Massimiliano Ligabue
thank you:)

Astrid Bo
Congrats with this beautiful album! Such a pleasure to look at.

Massimiliano Ligabue
thanks Astrid:)

Ray Nylund

Drager Meurtant
nice to seen some less known painters with interesting work

Dora Bratelj
excellent posters, all the great line: paintings, drawings, colors, letters

Massimiliano Ligabue
Thank you,they are a little part of movies that i love.....unfortunately not always the poster is as good as the movie

Dora Bratelj
I grew up with movies.... something like Purple Rose of Cairo :) and these are also my favorite movies,   because of your posters I wanted to look at them again...

Massimiliano Ligabue
Good:-) i like that film,i prefer the Allen early period,in his recent filmography i pick out "match point",a masterpiece

Ann Hedonia
Wonderful selection of films!

ML, some of your photos "found" me.....could I use them for my painting? Salute!

Massimiliano Ligabue
Hello Maria,of course you can use them.....and i am very glad to know that you can find inspiration through my photos..:-)

Tatiana Domazetovich
beautiful pictures!

Konstantinos Blathras
Very interesting work. Bravo!

Massimiliano Ligabue
Thank you so much :)

Christopher Ryland
Lovely paintings. You have a unique and touching sensibility. Regards. Christopher

Massimiliano Ligabue
Thank you very much Christopher

Christopher Ryland
Thanks for sharing 'Rainy day portrait' Massimiliano.

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25-10-2013 22:17

Tania Krosse