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I am a retired school counselor who is a life long learner. My formal education was in the areas of science and mathematics and I never seemed to have time enough to explore the fine arts. This I am doing now and this experience has enriched my life.

Untitled - Larry Bell - WikiArt.orgCollection Online | David Altmejd. The University 2. 2004 - Guggenheim MuseumMiroslaw Balka Artists | White CubeNICOLE BECK » INSTALLATIONS: 1990-2013Dale Chihuly - Artist - PURPLE FROG FOOT INSTALLATION, 2004- Exhibition - Gladstone Gallery
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16-03-2013 22:46

Drager Meurtant
nice collection, and to see your background. Also just recently became active in art.

Other likes!
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01-03-2013 17:29

Sari Paakkanen
Cute album! I love dogs, too :D

Street Art
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25-02-2013 18:37

kostas daskarolis
thank you including my photo. nice album in general.