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naren sharma
i have no words to say.............ossom painting is this ..

Christopher Ryland
You show how fine technique can take you further.

Untitled From: Fran Lew
13-07-2012 01:13
New York Socialite
New York Socialite From: Fran Lew
13-07-2012 01:11
Ingrid Bergman
Ingrid Bergman From: Fran Lew
12-07-2012 17:59
The Queen of Tarts
The Queen of Tarts From: Fran Lew
12-07-2012 16:57
Pokerface Pete
Pokerface Pete From: Fran Lew
12-07-2012 16:55
The Fisherman
The Fisherman From: Fran Lew
12-07-2012 16:53
Laura From: Fran Lew
12-07-2012 16:51

Philippe J. Ortegat
great portrait

Fran Lew
Thank You

it's like an other name for the light it's llike an other name for the light ... read more

Fran Lew
LG: Thank you for your kind words.

Study of Gen Moshe Dyan
Study of Gen Moshe Dyan From: Fran Lew
11-07-2012 14:10

Jaime Herrera
Moshe Dayan perhaps? Very nice.

Fran Lew
Jamie....... You get a gold star and a purple jellybean for taking a shot at answering the question. Here's what's wrong......the... read more

untitled From: Fran Lew
08-07-2012 16:52

Terry Kelly
This is one of the best drawings of Sam Spade I have ever seen.

Jaime Herrera
Bogey man. I like it.

untitled From: Fran Lew
28-04-2012 18:07

Terry Kelly
Great work!

Sajjad Khan
beautful .

Jaime Herrera
Bacall as a very young woman?

untitled From: Fran Lew
28-04-2012 18:04

Terry Kelly
A masterful use of charcoal.

Fran Lew
Why thank you Mr. Kelly.It is an honor to receive such a fine compliment from an accomplished artist like yourself.