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Album: Lucian Freud From: Eduardo Sampaio
Lucian Freud
Lucian Freud - Double Portrait, 1986Lucian Freud - The Painter's Mother Resting, 1976Lucian Freud - Naked Portrait, 1972Lucian Freud - A Filly, 1970Lucian Freud - Michael Andrews and June, 1965Lucian Freud - Hotel Bedroom, 1954
Lucian Freud - Girls with Leaves, 1948Lucian Freud - The Painter's Room, 1944Lucian Freud - Man with a Feather, 1949Lucian Freud - Landscape with birds, 1940

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23-01-2013 14:42
Album: René Magritte (Belgium) From: Eduardo Sampaio
René Magritte (Belgium)
René Magritte - Man in a Bowler Hat, 1964René Magritte - Black Magic, 1934René Magritte - The Familiar Objects, 1928René Magritte - The Double Secret, 1927René Magritte - Attempting the Impossible, 1928René Magritte, Le Coeur Dévoilé, Portrait de Tita Thirifays (The Heart Revealed, Portrait of Tita Thirifays)
René Magritte - A friend of order , 1964Rene Magritte - A famous man, 1926Magritte - Portrait of Stephy Langui, 1961Magritte - The submissive reader, 1928Magritte - The beneficial promise, 1927René Magritte - The anger of gods, 1960

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16-09-2012 02:07
Album: Felix Vallotton (Switzerland) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Felix Vallotton (Switzerland)
Felix Vallotton - Femmes nues aux chats, 1897Felix Vallotton - The Laundress, Blue RoomFelix Vallotton - Vallotton-AutoportraitFelix Vallotton - Marigolds and TangerinesFelix Vallotton - Soldats sénégalais au camp de MaillyFelix Vallotton - A Street (also known as Street Corner)
Felix Vallotton - Squatted woman offering of milk to a cat, 1919Felix Vallotton - The Yellow Sheet, 1913Felix Vallotton - Pinks and daisies or Pinks and dahlias, 1912Felix Vallotton - Roger delivering Angelica, 1907Felix Vallotton - Marthe Mellot (wife of Alfred Natanson), 1906Felix Vallotton - The Dinner, effect of lamp 1899

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07-10-2012 23:11
Album: Pierre Bonnard (France) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Pierre Bonnard (France)
Pierre Bonnard - The Red Checkered TableclothPierre Bonnard - Child and CatsPierre Bonnard - Striped Blouse, 1922Pierre Bonnard - Woman in a Tub (also known as Nude Crouching in a Tub), 1912Pierre Bonnard - Woman in a Blue Hat, 1908Pierre Bonnard - Two elegant Place de Clichy, 1905
Pierre Bonnard - The Pont des Arts, 1905Pierre Bonnard - The Red Garter, 1903Pierre Bonnard - Young Woman Before the Window, 1898Pierre Bonnard - Ice Palace, 1898Pierre Bonnard - At the Circus, 1897Pierre Bonnard - Woman on the Street, 1894

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07-10-2012 20:04
Album: Edouard Vuillard (France) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Edouard Vuillard (France)
Edouard (Jean-Edouard) Vuillard - Self PortraitEdouard Vuillard - The Tuileries Gardens, ParisEdouard Vuillard - The Green Interior or Figure in front of a Window with DrawnEdouard Vuillard - Theodore Duret, 1912Edouard Vuillard - Breton House, 1909Edouard Vuillard - Nude on an Orange Rug, 1909
Edouard Vuillard - Woman with a Hat, 1901Edouard Vuillard - The End of Breakfast at Madam Vuillard, 1895Edouard Vuillard - My Grandmother, 1892Edouard Vuillard - The Reader, 1890Edouard Vuillard - The Striped Blouse, 1895

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07-10-2012 19:40
Album: Dan Voinea (Romania) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Dan Voinea (Romania)
Dan Voinea - Cool Embrace, 2010Dan Voinea - The Extras, 2011Dan Voinea - The Streetcar Scene, 2011Dan Voinea - Playboy Afternoon, 2011Dan Voinea - Charade, 2011Dan Voinea - Fresh Angel, 2011
Dan Voinea - Gameover, 2011Dan Voinea - Crosswords, 2011Dan Voinea - Rookie, 2012Dan Voinea - Breakpoint, 2012Dan Voinea - A momentary rise of reason, 2012

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10-09-2012 23:21

Nanses Nanai

Album: Remed (France) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Remed (France)
Remed - Roots AfricaRemed - Abrazo, 2006Remed - Sitting BetweenRemed - ParejaRemed - ParejaRemed - Pareja
Remed - ParejaRemed - ParejaRemed - ParejaRemed - ParejaRemed - Duality SolvedRemed - Couple(s)

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10-09-2012 03:14
Album: Charlie Isoe (Australia) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Charlie Isoe (Australia)
Charlie IsoeCharlie IsoeCharlie IsoeCharlie IsoeCharlie IsoeCharlie Isoe
Charlie IsoeCharlie Isoe

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10-09-2012 01:32
Album: Aldemir Martins (Brazil) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Aldemir Martins (Brazil)
Aldemir Martins - White BirdAldemir Martins - WatermelonAldemir Martins - CrabAldemir Martins - BirdAldemir Martins - FishAldemir Martins
Aldemir Martins - BirdAldemir Martins - Female Nude, 1966Aldemir MartinsAldemir MartinsAldemir MartinsAldemir Martins - Blue Cats, 1995

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09-09-2012 16:35
Album: Andrew Wyeth (U.S.A) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Andrew Wyeth (U.S.A)
Andrew Wyeth - AirborneAndrew Wyeth - PentecostAndrew Wyeth - Snow HillAndrew Wyeth - EasterlyAndrew Wyeth - Wind From the SeaAndrew Wyeth - Master Bedroom
Andrew Wyeth - Turkey Pond, 1944Andrew WyethAndrew Wyeth - Study for The Bachelor, 1964Andrew Wyeth - Jack in The Pulpit, 1995

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09-09-2012 03:35
Album: Kazimir Malevich (Russia) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Kazimir Malevich (Russia)
Kazimir Malevich - Self PortraitKazimir Malevich - The Running Man, 1933Kazimir Malevich - Spotrsmeny, 1931Kazimir Malevich - Reaper, 1929Kazimir Malevich - Carpenter, 1927Kazimir Malevich - Suprematism , 1915
Kazimir Malevich - The reaper on red, 1913Kazimir Malevich - Floor Polishers , 1912Kazimir Malevich - Taking in the Harvest, 1911Kazimir Malevich - Still Life, 1911Kazimir Malevich - Bather, 1911Kazimir Malevich - Argentine Polka, 1911

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09-09-2012 02:15
Album: Yoshiro Tachibana (Japan) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Yoshiro Tachibana (Japan)
Yoshiro Tachibana - still life with angelYoshiro Tachibana - La soledad de la infanciaYoshiro Tachibana - MaternidadYoshiro TachibanaYoshiro Tachibana - Red ChairYoshiro Tachibana - Woman and son.
Yoshiro TachibanaYoshiro Tachibana - The sirensYoshiro Tachibana - ying-yang worldYoshiro Tachibana - Girl with the heartYoshiro Tachibana - Tragic human boatYoshiro Tachibana - Village and blue sea

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08-09-2012 21:19
Album: Eduardo Berliner (Brazil) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Eduardo Berliner (Brazil)
Eduardo BerlinerEduardo BerlinerEduardo BerlinerEduardo BerlinerEduardo Berliner - EnterroEduardo Berliner - Habitat
Eduardo BerlinerEduardo BerlinerEduardo Berliner - Woman With DogEduardo Berliner - Natureza Morta

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07-09-2012 22:25
Album: Carybé (Brazil) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Carybé (Brazil)
Carybé - Na LagoaCarybé - CangaceirosCarybé - MulheresCarybé - MulataCarybé - VadiaçãoCarybé - Barcos e Cavalos

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04-09-2012 16:57
Album: Iberê Camargo (Brazil) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Iberê Camargo (Brazil)
Iberê Camargo - As CriadasIberê Camargo - MovimentoIberê CamargoIberê CamargoIberê CamargoIberê Camargo
Iberê CamargoIberê CamargoIberê CamargoIberê CamargoIberê CamargoIberê Camargo

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04-09-2012 16:09
Album: Portinari (Brazil) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Portinari (Brazil)
Candido Portinari - Suggar Cane, 1938Candido Portinari - Futebol, 1935Candido Portinari - A descoberta da terra, 1941Panel by Candido PortinariPortinariPortinari

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03-09-2012 03:10
Album: Tarsila do Amaral (Brazil) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Tarsila do Amaral (Brazil)
Tarsila do Amaral - The BullTarsila do Amaral - A CaipirinhaTarsila do Amaral - The Lake, 1928Tarsila do Amaral - Família, 1925Tarsila do Amaral - An Angler, 1925Tarsila do Amaral - A Boneca
Tarsila do Amaral - PostcardTarsila do Amaral - The MoonTarsila do AmaralCarnaval em Madureira_ Tarsila do AmaralTarsila do Amaral A NegraA Cuca. Tarsila do Amaral, 1924.

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02-09-2012 05:00
Album: Di Cavalcanti (Brazil) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Di Cavalcanti (Brazil)
Di Cavalcanti - MaturnityDi Cavalcanti - 1897-1976Di Cavalcanti - Five Girls from Guaratingueta,1930Di Cavalcanti - 1897-1976Di Cavalcanti - 1897-1976Di Cavalcanti
Di CavalcantiDi CavalcantiDi CavalcantiEmiliano Di Cavalcanti - Mesa de bar - 1929Di Cavalcanti

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02-09-2012 03:38
Album: Picasso (Spain) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Picasso (Spain)
Pablo Picasso- La ToilettePicasso - Girl with Mandolin, 1910Picasso - Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, 1907Picasso - Boy leading a horse, 1906Picasso - Boy with a Pipe, 1905Picasso - The Three Dancers,1925
Picasso - Woman in red armchair, 1932Picasso - A red skirt, 1901Picasso - A parody of Manet's Olympia with Junyer and Picasso, 1902Picasso - A lamp, 1931Picasso - A dream, 1932Picasso - A child with pigeons, 1943

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02-09-2012 02:58
Album: Egon Schiele (Austria) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Egon Schiele (Austria)
Egon Schiele - Sel Portrait with Hands on Chest, 1910Egon Schiele - Der Verleger Eduard KosmackEgon Schiele - Der Rainerbub (Herbert Rainer im Alter von etwa 6 Jahren)Egon Schiele- Portrait of Wally NeuzilEgon Schiele- Mother and DaughterEgon Schiele- Moa
Egon Schiele- Sinking SunEgon Schiele- Cardinal and Nun (Caress)Egon Schiele, Portrait of the Painter Anton Peschka (1909)Egon Schiele - Spitalskirche, Molding, 1918Egon Schiele - The Bridge, 1913Egon Schiele - Two Little Girls, 1911

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03-09-2012 03:53

Nanses Nanai
Love Schiele!!

Album: Salvador Dali (Spain) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Salvador Dali (Spain)
Salvador Dali - Meditative Rose, 1958Salvador Dali: Retrato / Muchacha de espaldas / Muchacha sentadaSalvador Dali - Girl with CurlsSalvador Dali - Set for 'Bacchanale'Salvador Dali - The VoyeurSalvador Dali - Crepuscular Old Man
Salvador Dali - Caligula's Horse (Dali's Horses)Salvador Dali - Ballerina in a Death's HeadSalvador Dali - Sick Boy (Self-portrait in Cadaqués)File:Dali women skull.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaSalvador DaliThe Daily Telecraft: Salvador Dali's Elephants

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02-09-2012 02:45
Album: Velázquez (Spain) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Velázquez (Spain)
Diego Velázquez: King Philip IV as a HuntsmanDiego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez: Court Dwarf Don Antonio el InglesDiego Velázquez :  L'infante Marie MargueriteDiego Velazquez (1599-1660) - NeedlewomanDiego Velázquez: Prince Balthazar Carlos on HorsebackDiego Velázquez: The Dwarf Sebastian de Morra
Velazquez - las meninasDiego Velazquez: Innocent XFrancis Bacon- Study after Velázquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent XDiego Velázquez - Las Meninas

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02-09-2012 04:13
Album: Goya (Spain) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Goya (Spain)
Goya - Asmodeo, 1821Goya - Dead Birds, 1812Goya - Juan Antonio Llorente, 1812Goya - Witches in the Air, 1797Goya - The Parasol, 1777Goya - Tio Paquete
Goya - Don Manuel Osorio Manrique de ZunigaGoya - The Straw ManikinFrancisco de Goya y Lucientes: The Nude MajaFrancisco de Goya y Lucientes: The Clothed MajaFrancisco de Goya y Lucientes: Two Old Men EatingThe Witches' Sabbath, Goya

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02-09-2012 03:10
Album: Rembrandt (Austria) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Rembrandt (Austria)
Rembrandt - Belshazzar's Feast, 1635Rembrandt - Pallas AthenaRembrandt van Rijn: Portrait of Haesje van CleyburghREMBRANDT VAN RIJN: Portrait of a Young WomanRembrandt van Rijn: Supper at EmmausRembrandt Peale (American painter, 1778-1860) Portrait of Harriet Cany Peale
Rembrandt van Rijn - The Prophetess Anna (known as Rembrandt's Mother)Rembrandt Van Rijn - The Sacrifice of AbrahamAfter RembrandtRembrandt van Rijn - The abduction of EuropaRembrandt Van Rijn: Adoration of the ShepherdsRembrandt van Rijn: Self-portrait as the Apostle Paul

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02-09-2012 03:22
Album: Van Gogh (Austria) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Van Gogh (Austria)
Van Gogh - Potato Eaters, 1885Van Gogh - White House, 1890.Van Gogh - Memory of the Garden at Etten (Women of Arles), 1888.Van Gogh - A Pair of Leather Clogs, 1888Van Gogh - A Pair of Leather Clogs, 1888Vincent van Gogh/1853-1890
Vincent van Gogh: Self-portraitVan Gogh - The Drinkers (after Daumier), 1890Van Gogh - Vase with Red Poppies, 1886Van Gogh - The Vicarage at Nuenen, 1885Van Gogh - Miners in the Snow Winter, 1882Van Gogh - Breton Women, 1888

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02-09-2012 03:16
Album: Rufus Ogundele (Nigeria) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Rufus Ogundele (Nigeria)
Rufus OgundeleRufus OgundeleRufus OgundeleRufus OgundeleRufus Ogundele

04-09-2012 02:00
Album: Gustav Klimt (Austria) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Gustav Klimt (Austria)
Gustav Klimt - Mada Primavesi, 1912Gustav Klimt: The Park of Schloss KammerGustav Klimt: The Park of Schloss KammerGustav Klimt- Death and LIfeGustav Klimt - The Tree of Life, Stoclet FriezeGustav Klimt - The Virgin
Gustav Klimt - Johanna StaudeGustav KlimtGustav Klimt- Study for  "Judith II"Gustav Klimt- Fritza Riedler (1860-1927), geb. Friederike LangerGustav Klimt - Bauerngarten mit SonnenblumenMada Primavesi - Gustav Klimt

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02-09-2012 03:31

Nanses Nanai
Gustav the brilliant!!

Album: Kirchner (Germany) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Kirchner (Germany)
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner- Two WomenErnst Ludwig Kirchner: Lying FiguresErnst Ludwig Kirchner - Female Nude With Hat - 1911Kirchner - Nude in Orange and YellowKirchner - Great Lovers (Mr and Miss Hembus)Kirchner - Nudes in a Meadow
Kirchner - Mary Wigman's Dance of the DeadKirchner - Czardas DancersKirchner - Brandenburg Gate in BerlinKirchner - Sitting Girl ,1910Kirchner - Douple Self PortraitKirchner - Female Artist

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07-09-2012 23:32
Album: Kandinsky (Russia) From: Eduardo Sampaio
Kandinsky (Russia)
Wassily Kandinsky: Blick auf Murnau mit KircheKandinsky - Picture XVISerenade To Kandinsky 48 TTT/2 - F.6824Kandinsky - Blue RiderEinige Kreise KandinskyWassily Kandinsky - Couple Riding
Wassily Kandinsky: Blick auf Murnau mit KircheWassily Kandinsky: Bleu de ciel (Sky Blue), 1940Wassily Kandinsky- Composition VI

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03-09-2012 02:17