paula bettam
strange but i like it xx

Md Wahid

Md Wahid

Raju Vai

Lawrence Palmer
Looks like paint swirls in water or cigarette smoke..amazing finish.

Yee Sookyung
Yee Sookyung From: Noella Scott
27-02-2012 23:08

Ann Kasselin
I love the vulnerability of this piece.

Heather Black
if you have time patience and a very creative imagination you now know what to do with all your broken... read more

Hendrik Van Walleghem
mooi, zeer mooi

Sam Gebreselassie
Saw this at the Saatchi recently, it appeared bulbous and imposing.

Md Wahid

Sajjad Khan

Luiz Marcondes
this is just a joke, but Duchamp was better at telling them.

Gonzague Gauthier
Une référence contemporaine à Bellmer avec ce petit détail du pied si tendre et innocent....

Lisa Blaiklock
what planet are these people on.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Leonardo estaba convencido que debia representarse la naturaleza tal cual era.

Steve Beamer
This piece is so cool!

Jiří Skoumal
It reminds me of the Richard Serra piece at the Tate Modern.

Eric Munguia
There are some stunning outdoor sculptures at the Yorkshire sculpture park.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
El cemento recepciona el agua...

Laure Senneville
I love how the keys are falling out.

Joy Vaughn
there is something very violent about this piece.

jeanine eddison
not sure about the concept of this at all What is the point?

Tam Baker
oooh I saw this in the flesh... It was suspended from the ceiling, and every now and then some... read more

Nusrat Jahan

Happy Gilmore
Wow! This is so cool!

David Sharpe
Amazing idea!

wow! this is awsome!

julie menelaou
a cynical today's consumer! i like.

Ditte Starche Dalsgaard
but who is arione?

Md Wahid

Md Wahid

Md Wahid

Tim Davies

Rajat Kaanthi Dharr
wish someone can make somehting like this .. same kinda finnesse

Massimiliano D'Avanzo

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Leonardo opinaba que la naturaleza otorgaba luces y sombras naturales a las esculturas.

Sahib Nazar
excellent and very wonderful and beautiful piece

Md Wahid

Md Wahid

Md Wahid

Md Wahid

Md Wahid

Md Wahid

Md Wahid

Md Wahid

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Esta obra me gusta mucho. Todo invade al ser humano y éste busca un sitio puro en la oscuridad.