Misty Fugate
Gobsmacked that this is made out of clay

Renea Schroedel
Rather morbid but fascinating. Great work!

Isabel Parton
Highlights the material rather than the subject.

Patty Houck
The abstract bodily forms appear to still be malleable making the piece seem changeable.

Carlo Schiavi
It looks like the origin of something.

Fermina Vititoe
The shiny metalic quality of this piece is fascinating.

Fabiano Teixeira

Michelle Dawn
There is a similar piece at the Portland Art Museum with characters other than this alphabet.

This seems to be a large sculpture, does anyone know the dimensions? It's quite nice.

Gary Barrera
I had never heard of Simon Starling before but I am digging his work!

Lola Durbin
Saw this at the Hepworth Wakefield recently, stunning

Loosli Martin
Stunning is the comment

Salli Barnard
Wasn't it also at the Saatchi?

Style Carnage
"and i shall not step my foot in side"

Christine Daae II
HAHAHA, I'd like to have one of those in my house... especially on halloween :-)

Peter Kimble
I would be temped to light the candle as my incorporation into the art piece! First rule of art, is... read more

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
No estan los ideales de Leonardo Da Vince de un mundo convertido en Jardin... La pierna como soporte de una vela... Resulta... read more

Ross Winter
This is not a sculpture. It's in the wrong category.

Ruhannah Alam
Absolute rubbish, a waste of space, literally.