Michael Hasson
Quite extraterrestrial. Reminds me of a space ship or distant galaxy!

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
El color rojo flota en el aire. Felicitaciones.

Alfred Gijon
Terrible nightmares and abuse of laudanus, but great all the serie!!!

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Y las guerras continuan. Que excelente dibujo!

William Humbel

Zephyr Lilith
long time passing ~~!

Laure Senneville
Very powerful indeed.

Henry Mulcahy
Wow yeah, this is a really strong work.

Jiří Skoumal
I would have loved to see them materialise their architectural concepts.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Esta obra tiene varios puntos de vista seguen se fije la vision.

Al J Hagen
This is so so beautiful

Nicolas Amaral
Like like like !

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Tiene un aspecto de un orden revuelto y fantasmagórico. Felicitaciones al artista por la obra tan extraña.

Elles Bell it..thanks for posting and sharing

Teodora Stoica
to know to select heredity baggage without qualms for to live and to be yourself, it means exit from anonymity, route... read more

Carolina Salcedo
I love it!!!!

Ivan Carmody
Great work of Art ! Every move of the brush spurs the imagination and inspiration.

David Morling
It's a shame that the originator is not credited !!