Frank Briffa
Charles Saatchi bought the bed in 1999 for £150,000. Christie's are selling it this month with a "low" estimate of... read more

pete murray
Thanks for that, Frank. Can you explain a technical point? When the bed changes hands, does the new... read more

Frank Briffa
I have no idea Pete, but it wouldn't surprise me if Emin comes along and re-scatters things for a... read more

Akang Jaya
Woow. Is the great picture. Follow me

nice photo....

Such calm!

Alexander Stovbur
Very well balanced composition

Robert McDougall
The most overrated image on earth.

Ross Winter
I agree with Mr. McDougall, but not with Mr. Gordon. Hiroshi Sugimoto's ocean photos are bisected by a horizon... read more

征 成

Richie Marante
Lovely photograph. I really like the way the motion has been captured.

Pacha Prevedi

Renea Schroedel
cool, I like the photograph and I like the hair !

征 成


Jamie Hoerr
Seen his stuff at the Tate, lookign forward to seeing it at Saatchi !

Melissa beal
love this

Kevin Walsh
such a crisp , clear image, very striking..

paula bettam
makes a big impact loveit from paula

Karen Colville

Tam Baker
It is cool, though with her eyes shut she looks dead which is unnerving. In times to come this may... read more

Steve Rossiter
I wish I may, I wish I might...

Douyon William
nice queen !

Sietske Evenhuis
Good one, Steve!

Francesco Dacres
I don't get how this is done...

Benan Tumkaya
This is quite a dark piece !

Frank Rowsell
Dark indeed but great too.

Russell Lee Hansen Master Photog. Cert.
Is the photography art..or is it just a picture of somebody's skilled make the call

Rachel Lyons
Such a big fan of his stuff...I liked the film he did for Pringle with Tilda beautiful !

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Viene a la memoria el ejército hallado de miles de soldados en la tumba - mausoleo del gran emperador... read more

Juan Stuart
Very interesting title !

Klaudia Wexler
The title sounds like the name for a paint colour!

Karen Colville
golden age

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
No tiene acaso un aire a las pinturas de W. Turner?

tami sam social network visual arts [ARTISTS].

Noah Harding
I was probably at that gig!

Amber Marseau
Always love her juxtapositioning.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Ha realizado "veladuras" de forma diferente a las que estamos acostumbrados a ver. Felicitaciones a la artista!

Chung Huminski
amazing image

Lola Durbin
so many references in one image

Steven Mask
Beautiful work

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Hay detrás una imagen amenazante? Muchas veces se la pintó a la Madre de Cristo con imágenes amenazadoras -por lo... read more

Ale Petit

Sietske Evenhuis
Bad taste.