Melissa beal
Love the rawness of this image

Emile Bunon
such a strange picture

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Me gusta el plano inclinado de esta obra, que presenta una fuerza fervorosa. Felicitaciones.

Georgina Marling
love this!!!

Zhaina Hali
seldom liked photography...but in this case is captivating and alluring...the photographer caught the cat's face in fearless mood...that i... read more

Sophie Koron
I just love cats :)


Pax Credo
very poetic..

salar khan
complete silence around her....

Peter Kimble
Apart from the girl and reflections I do love the building. Maybe love is too strong a word. Nope its... read more

Jo Muslera

Jo Muslera

Renea Schroedel
cool, I like the photograph and I like the hair !

征 成


Benan Tumkaya
Oh wow, really like this !

Heather Wimer
Very a very different way of displaying photography

Macie Miernicki
This is wicked !

Steve Beamer
Looking forward to seeing this exhibited next..

Teodora Stoica
when you do not know a person, "throws a eye" over her shoes and you will have the detailed and... read more

mandy-jayne ahlfors
Gosh I really thought this was a painting brilliant!

Elles Bell
wonderful and so vibrant..thank you

Laura Katan
This speaks about 10 different languages... amazing!

Show Me Your Art
Love it.

Benan Tumkaya
the grand expanse of space in this photo is incredible, figures look minute

Ivan Konar
composition almos perfect, nice mood

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Su significado es complejo. La juventud en oposicion al edificio derruido.

Sofia Durfey
Scary !

Negassi Yemane
Such a striking photo

chevalier li
great work

Marina Habenskaya
I really like the muted tones.

Will Summers
Strange . . .

Gerry Shanahan
what is this thing with the sea monsters?

Benjamin Thompson
Really like this

Kevin Hofmann
so clever

Natasha Hedge
so much more to these than just photographs

征 成

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Fuera de foco, me recuerda "el otro yo". Me gusta esta obra. Felicitaciones a la artista Sara VanDerBeek!

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Esta mirada es profunda pero los ojos no están centrados. Bella fotografía.

arbi basil
great shot!

Anand Sharan
A very important picture. Well captured.

Teresa Briceño
Bella Frida