Heather Black
the way her hands are like that makes it look like she putting a spell on someone and the moustache... read more

Iris @wwamc
THE best image of my favourite building in the USA.

Gillon Stephenson
Blum bichromate over platinum print? Can we have that in English please. Good work.

Supriya Choudhary
its really well made.

Teodora Stoica
bleeding winter.

Burning Brains The Band
Be very welcome my friend. A pleasure have you as my friend really. We are a Hard Rock... read more

征 成

Matt Jean-Paul French
I love Mapplethorpe's work, erotically beautiful and also very classical This is one of my favourites of his too

Cristina Oliveira
Trabalho maravilhoso!

Hayley Bishop
powerful picture i like it

Absolutely beautiful! Hopefully work as amazing as this will be at his Getty show.

alkk rao
Rebecca hayley cristina matt good pic

Bernadette FIROME
Débilité profonde !

Elke Eileno

Simone Vieira
horrível,faça uma arte sem precisar ser cruel

Katie Millard
vile and cruel

Simone Vieira
me admiro a Saatchi postar uma foto destas,decepção

Rachel Lyons
Such a big fan of his stuff...I liked the film he did for Pringle with Tilda beautiful !

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Viene a la memoria el ejército hallado de miles de soldados en la tumba - mausoleo del gran emperador... read more

Macie Miernicki
So pretty

Дмитрий Кришкевич
I love this, this is really cool..

paula bettam
hi wow this is awsome xx

Jason Rocha
so mysterious

Isabella Araujo Souza
quite painterly

Mária Lužová
love the composition- everything seems ordered

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Tiene como símbolo el exágono en la puerta, y una perspectiva, en la cual todo flota, con punto de fuga... read more

jimmy ich
quite is the best,,,,nice

Margaret Flowers
could be brother and sister

David Sharpe
I love these collages

Rachel Lyons
love love love!

Kahen Grace
so stunning!! fantastic concept and great captured. Love, Kahen

Gillon Stephenson
Yeah. Really good. There's something cruel about it, actually -- it's kind of the way younger people see older people...... read more

Birgül Özçelikci Taşören
tavuk derisi... muhteşem yaratıcılık.. tasarımları beğendim...

Melissa Lavabre
oh, so that's whom Lady Gaga got her meat dress ideas from...

Beth Harris