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valore neutro surrazionale
Takis Valais; beauty is in the eyes of the beholder... or was it shit? Classic shit?

FORMACOLOR artistic creator
"Les demoiselles d'avignon" is so called: a bitches house in "calle de Avigno" in Barcelona, near The Ramblas that Pablo... read more

Teodora Stoica
FORMACOLOR artistic what you do not like: painting or brothels, legalized? I love on all, three: ie, I admire and these... read more

Jose Gabriel Peláez Ibañez
Maravillosa obra!!

Jaime Herrera
After his friends criticized the hell out of this work, he kept it in his studio for years with its... read more

Karina Welle
This is so strange! It's such a random collection of objects!

Alfred Gijon
La metafísica de los sueños???

Patrick Parks
Inspirational still life!

paula bettam
very cool i love unusal paintings like this one makes you stop and look xx

Clara Chatman
Her works are beautifully disturbing..

Luigi Musolf
This is based on a Caravaggio piece

Dipayan ghosh
just beautifully

Emile Bunon
I love the simplicity and delicacy of this painting.

Show Me Your Art
Sometomes shapes and colours are all you need. Perfect.



Giulia Scudier
so delicate!

excellent artist

Ross Winter
I absolutely HATE his work.

Sheraz Chattha
this website is interesting


Frank Brookins
Good use of perspective in this

Pierre Paquin
Beeeeaaautiful !

Liubou Houlihan
His work is incredible!

Hermes Junior
So beautiful...

Nicci Hampton
What a stunner!

Jesse Glass
I guess what I like best about many of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood's works is that the women look on the... read more

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Estas capas negras crean grandes volumenes. El rostro del joven no representa inteligencia.

Ross Winter
Should have left it to Auerbach.

izelm sldr
rembrandt is a unique artist can trap the whole power of our visual memory in a heavenly way

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Esta obra es bellísima. Gentile Bellini otro maestro de maestros de la pintura!

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Pinto una plaza en movimiento ilusorio, hay personas que parece que danzan. Es un conjunto de figuras ubicadas. Estas pinturas con... read more

Artiste Langdonart
Quel Bonheur de re-decouvrir 2 autres creations si belle par Vuilard ! Merci ! Il y en a d'autres? ontart@yahoo.ca... read more

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Influencias del arte oriental.