María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
La más bella obra de Claude Monet. Hay que ir a observarla.

Patrick Parks
The colors and shapes and the emotion is just stunning

John Grantner
I've always loved the sense of humor in this. Notice the lower right corner -- Jesus' halo has fallen off.

Ivan Carmody
I am sure the Lord Jesus Christ did not need such treatment, as He was a Divine Child filled with... read more

Ivan Carmody
I just do not approve of such a painting.

Ivan Carmody
Firstly the person who made this painting did not know as to who the Lord Jesus Christ really is. He... read more

Luis Cabezudo
Arte que sale del dolor...

Pooja Venkat
i so wanna try this its fun playing wid colors

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Ha utilizado deferentes trazos de líneas. Hay salpicaduras, que a partir de ellas, el artista realizó líneas. El soporte presenta... read more

Shahid Javed
when we see your playing with colour the last 1/4part of the painting is like a female organ with blood... read more

Fayez Barakat
To view the new catalogue for the latest series of work, "Beyond Fantasy": The Barakat Galleries: Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi, UAE +97126908950 Khalidiya Palace... read more