nice painting....

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Los movimientos, los colores, las virgulas y los numerosos soles, componen esta obra. Los cipreses que pintaba Leonardo y luego otros... read more

Jaidu Apachi
Super cool <3

Abstract Expressionism
very beautiful piece

Ekaterina Cheernova
Just the best. How dreamy that sky is! :)

Kathy Jones-Boulier
btw there is a pic here, saw it and promptly lost it, by the same artist, called I think the... read more

Susan Kemp Maldonado
yes, Kathy, I saw the movie and I thought it was wonderful. Sarah Johansen (not sure of spelling) did a... read more

Agneta Eriksson Hilden
Good for a woman to have secrets

Thomas John Taylor TAYLOR
In The Beginning of My Life I was disowned, rejected, disconnected from Love, but not pleasure. I knew how to... read more

imran khan
thanks for sharing

When I first saw this work, I thought it hideous, a desperate plea for help. I avoided it for... read more

To add to my earlier comment, the artist is in the throes of recognition, he knows what has happened to... read more

Frank Briffa
That's quite a claim Arber.

Tweat 9628
It that way just paid one 8333 I will ship this out directly to you and you have it anything... read more

Abstract Expressionism
very beautiful piece. screen until they can hear you. otherwise there is no way to get where you want to... read more

Jo Muslera
Klimt's women, are everything. They are the earth, and the sky; time and space, their bodies are the esence of... read more

nice kiss...

Jennifer Wallace
One of the first paintings to hit me! In high school, art struck me square in the heart.... read more

Angela harler
My inspiration always x

Pete Skinner
...what can we know...

It brings to mind unrequited love. Kisses you can't have, imagined kisses.

Delma Donasco-Molina
people might caught them,ha!ha!ha!so...cover uor face.lovely.

Rita Lemesre
Time waits for no one it melts

Alexandra Epameinonda

Teodora Stoica
allegory of time!

Liss Silverwing
this one has always been one of my favourites :) i love the depth of the meanings that one can... read more

Azmir Khan

Yousri K
Dreamy & diffrent than others

Carol Aslin
Dali certainly knew how to paint

em grosvenor
l love this painting,always takes me away when l look at it

em grosvenor
l love this painting,always takes me away when l look at it

Jenny Stoddard
nice one!

Shila Wilkins
I love this picture

Silvia Roda

Abstract Expressionism
very beautiful piece

Azmir Khan

Luigi Curcio
Mi ha ispirato

glyn badua
great work...amazing

Jim Shorto
Has to be one of the most well known Japanese paintings

Robert Ross
Terrifying -- empathizing with the men in the boat.

Abstract Expressionism
great motions

Jana Catudan

mrs cheema
nicest art work around

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Hice varios comentarios, pero no los veo. Bellisima pintura. Sus luces estan realizadas con pequeñas rayitas llamadas vírgulas. Posee mucho espacio. Lo pintado... read more

Abstract Expressionism
very nice piece

Ekaterina Cheernova
One of my favorite artists!

Paul Durham
Bends imagination!

Kitty May
Beautiful idea.

Kathy Jones-Boulier
oops. vandals probably lol. weird concept.

Jenny Stoddard
Awesome! very unique nice to see abstract art with talent backing it up:)

Dela K. Kpodo Eglu
Nice idea.

Penelope Pope
Oh, I love this one.

Tracy Sanchez
So peaceful, and such a contrast to many of his other works.

Anna Little
there is just a suggestion of what is under the soft sensual material... wonderful.

Sherry Solow
His "Blue Period" to my taste, touched my senses deeply.

Stupariu Octavian Theodor
she's verry beautifull

Daniel Prestwich
I'm still in LOVE with Jeanne

Lucio Borrazzo
Very, very nice painting.

Lucio Borrazzo
Very, very nice painting.

Gianpiero Ferraro
Michelangelo, la perfezione!

Rita Kaul
Incredible work of art

Vera Icona
intense beauty, tranquility and suffering merge into this timeless work. I can not wait to see it !!!

Manjima Das
it's beautiful..

Abstract Expressionism
Michelangelo the GOD of Sculptors.

Terry Kelly
I don't think any photograph, with respect to the photographer, will do this painting justice. You have to see it... read more

Eric Munguia
Brilliant how Monet depicts light.

Rebecca KLementovich
the palette here is amazing

such a brilliant painting.

Ekaterina Cheernova
So fast and simple. An impression!

Raluca Adriana
there is no past as long as we have these paintings! artists know how to make every moment everlasting through... read more

Erminio Di Camillo

Vera Icona
details are flawless in this painting! husband's grant of legal authority of his wife is superbly displayed with symbols and... read more

Abstract Expressionism
very nice painting

Azmir Khan

m. stoh
mi reino por un par de pinzas

arbi basil
really amazing artist!

nice pic..thanks.. <a href="" title=" AGEN BOLA "> AGEN BOLA </a> <a href="" title=" BANDAR POKER"> BANDAR POKER </a> <a href="" title=" SITUS... read more

Fredy Robledo Torres
la primera vez que vi esa pintura fue en una readers daigest cuando tenia como 10 años y me encanto!!!!... read more

Shay Culligan
I'll never forget seeing this for the first time in the Tate in 1985. Magnificent work!

Hina Shah
This painting has such realism, that it feels like Ophelia was brought to life and then died in this very... read more

senta sentabet108
cool... ... read more

ilusion jimmy
look greatt..

marisol solterri
very good

Azmir Khan

Show Me Your Art
Breathtakingly beautiful

I'm like OMG.

Rashida Kalangi

Laura Oltolina
Very good!

Daria Werbowy
I like super!

This reminds me of the size of one of my rooms. Maybe I'll study it for decoating tips.

Erminio Di Camillo

Sokv Riz Khan Khan
This is awesome piece of work.

tami sam social network visual arts [ARTISTS].

FORMACOLOR artistic creator
I do like your seeing Teodora. Bitches are a real fact, and Pablo PICASSO attends the bitches house Calle de Avigno... read more

Teodora Stoica
thanks, FORMACOLOR. And a Happy New Year!

Lucio Borrazzo
E' fantastico, non ho parole per descrivere questa grande opera artistica.

Abstract Expressionism
wonderful and amazing

Azmir Khan

Aleksey Hotin
this Artwork Art

Amy Lemons
And you like it ???? hopping to here from you yours blessing.

tami sam social network visual arts [ARTISTS].

Machabert AnnIe
Légèreté de l'être

Valentina Sherren Sherren
Very striking photograph

Abstract Expressionism
wonderful catch

Michelangelo-David From: Joy Vaughn
02-03-2012 18:12

Thomas John Taylor TAYLOR
In The Beginning of My Life I was disowned, rejected, disconnected from Love, but not pleasure. I knew how to... read more

Bernard Betts
In the search for credibility and aplomb, many of us have a tough time. So Thomas, with respect to Michelangelo's... read more

Thomas John Taylor TAYLOR
In Line With The Times, Interpret The Flow, Represent The Here & Now. All Of The Great Artists Are. All... read more

Kathy Jones-Boulier
there is no point we from this day and age can possibly make. these famous sculptures from the past just... read more


Abstract Expressionism
a very beautiful sleep look

Azmir Khan

Ekaterina Cheernova
How come I've never seen it before. Beauty :)

Antonia Munteanu
I saw this at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, the style it's painted in is so intricate and beautiful,... read more

Thomas John Taylor TAYLOR
In The Beginning of My Life I was disowned, rejected, disconnected from Love, but not pleasure. I knew how to... read more

Suren Sen


Abstract Expressionism
nice painting

Mark Webber
VIP-class! With that, self-contained.

Kevin Hof
I often had to write glowing reviews about the artists and their works!

Patric Kaas
This is a special situation!

Aleksey Hotin
The term "counter-culture" was first used by Theodore Roszak American sociologist (English) Russian.

Erminio Di Camillo

Karen Antorveza
"...Hay que forjar el hierro mientras está caliente...Entonces sigo sintiendo la vida, cuando echo afuera el trabajo en forma salvaje.... read more

hany moustafa
انها جميلة و رائعة

Daniel DeNapoli Mr. Danno
Painted from the HEART!! Great work....Vincent wanted us all to FEEL!!!

Antonia Munteanu
A great classic, this artwork is said to have captured the movement of the clouds in the sky perfectly even... read more

Kevin Hof
AMZING Great technique!

valore neutro surrazionale
On s'en fout carrément de cette "saloperie" a la conne eh!!!!!

Rohana jain
Lots of people are perception for slim unit death tips these days, and spell galore would somebody you anticipate that... read more

haibola nia
ut it's something about modern art, and not the beginning of the century. beautiful!