Luigi Musolf
Immediately recognisable as the minimalist formal language of Flavin. Love it!!

Stanley Perrine
I think he really inspired so many artists with his light installations…

Ok that's a frame.. Where's art?

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Una belleza para el espíritu!

Vendel Veilandics Read
"Ok that's a frame. Where's art?" I actually loved this comment!

Katalin Fekete
disgusting - like a big purulent spot..... ááááááá

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
El segundo es de imaginar... Felicitaciones al artista! Buenisima obra! Felicitaciones al artista.

Naila Dogar
it's ugliness is the fascinating part

Blake O'Brien
it's chewed gum for anyone that didn't know

Ivan Carmody
Looks like something pertaining to a bottom.

Song Orieger
It was very unsettling!

Xia He Fan
Interesting to see an artist place artwork on the ceiling.

Noah Harding
Incredibly life-like, makes you question the concept of reality.

Laure Senneville
Amazing concept.

Joy M Sands
Reminds me of the movie ‘Up’.

Noelle Trépanier
Saw this at Paradise Row in London, really blew me away, such powerful work!

Rae Blair
This is part of a much larger display and the detail and the concept was incredible.

Amanda Neerman
Her "fairies" in this piece were all meticulously made of tiny parts of real insects...sick and amazing.

Heather Black
you have to have such a creative mind to think of something like this

daniella sforza
temporal to the max

Machiko Hayashida
love insects and tiny world

Huỳnh Tiến Phẩm
Bringing the natural world into a gallery space, a nice change.

Frank Brookins
It delivers a sense of weight and weightlessness at the same time!

Hamna Ameer
unity and accumulation can lead u in any direction u want, like this huge ball in a vacant room !!!

Jess Glidewell
This is so cool!

Ruby Bourque

Rose Norwood
It's like a kaleidoscope!

征 成
like like

Amanda Thompson
I do like this piece of art, where did you exhibit it?

Eric Munguia
Would have been cool if there was a tap attached!

Terry Kelly
It's not art; it is what it is, a corner sink and should be put back in the toilet with... read more

Simon Scheuerle
OK folks. This is not a readymade. It is an object made by the artist. It has no tap or... read more

Patrick Yay
Francesco, Yes you are right. That is why Futurists in 1910 - 1915 said that( Giocomo Balla) "its a... read more

Terry Kelly
I know it's not a "ready made"; it tells you what it is made of underneath the title. The title... read more

Al J Hagen
This is a really great piece.

julie menelaou
A Wonderfully uplifting installation.

seba uğurtan
Dear Artist, Gallery Seba is pleased to announce the3. International Izmir Art Biennial, which will bring artists around the world and... read more

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Este artista supo mantener en silencio a las personas? Demostró que el silencio absoluto no existe. Genial.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Debe entenderse: el silencio en la sala de concierto de un teatro. El grabo todos los ruidos que existian, para... read more