Henry Mulcahy
I saw this when it was installed in the Saatchi Gallery, really amazing, and so big!

Gautam Paul
Very nice work ........ Thanks.

Luigi Musolf
Immediately recognisable as the minimalist formal language of Flavin. Love it!!

Stanley Perrine
I think he really inspired so many artists with his light installations…

Ok that's a frame.. Where's art?

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Una belleza para el espíritu!

Vendel Veilandics Read
"Ok that's a frame. Where's art?" I actually loved this comment!

Nathaniel Lippoldt
Giving a face to the cogs of society- more artists should be doing this!

John Sloboda
fascinating and disturbing

Eva Moncrief
That must take some assembling!

Amanda Neerman
I saw and heard this work. It is really haunting and fascinating.....lacks the aesthetics I like to see in art... read more

I saw this at Saatchi's a while back.

Edra Scarpello
Makes me think of an enlarged chemical structure!

karen london
Saw this at Saatchi gallery, really impressive !

Jess Glidewell
This is so cool!

Ruby Bourque

Rose Norwood
It's like a kaleidoscope!

征 成
like like

Amanda Thompson
I do like this piece of art, where did you exhibit it?

Eric Munguia
Would have been cool if there was a tap attached!

Terry Kelly
It's not art; it is what it is, a corner sink and should be put back in the toilet with... read more

Simon Scheuerle
OK folks. This is not a readymade. It is an object made by the artist. It has no tap or... read more

Patrick Yay
Francesco, Yes you are right. That is why Futurists in 1910 - 1915 said that( Giocomo Balla) "its a... read more

Terry Kelly
I know it's not a "ready made"; it tells you what it is made of underneath the title. The title... read more

The art around the art!

divya rajput
that's awesome...

Drager Meurtant
it is about the announcement of movement which makes it pregnant

Urs Fischer - You
Urs Fischer - You From: Tara Fisher
22-03-2012 15:54

Noah Harding
This sort of reminds me of the crack in the turbine hall at the Tate.

Daniel Vasquez
Those crack were from Doris Salcedo, a Colombian artist.

What ever was there, how did it get in? Pointless.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Bellas obras hay en estas paginas.

Drager Meurtant
Well sure, it's me

Carol Sachs
Amazing what can be done with these new materials - endless possiblities for the creative.

Christine Daae II
WOW!!! That's so cool.

iman hasbani
I like soooooooooo

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Buena obra. Lo retrata en cierta medida a Pablo Picasso. Felicitaciones!

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Pablo Picasso pinto un burro muy triste.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Picasso tenia una busqueda muy profunda. Creo que solo le interesaba su arte.