Will Ryman- The Bed
Will Ryman- The Bed From: Luigi Musolf
24-02-2012 23:55

Kathy Jones-Boulier
looks like my room

Rikah Alvarez
I compare that picture to my everyday lifes routine.. Charrrr

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Cliff Wu
Agree with Joseph, seems like a shameless ripoff of Tracey.

Frank Briffa
Just as bad isn't it.

Jess Glidewell
This is so cool!

Ruby Bourque

Rose Norwood
It's like a kaleidoscope!

征 成
like like

Amanda Thompson
I do like this piece of art, where did you exhibit it?

Rose Norwood
massive fan of Liam Gillick, saw a show of his in Bonn in 2010 which was really great

Jiří Skoumal
Fantastic looking installation

Carol Sachs
Amazing what can be done with these new materials - endless possiblities for the creative.

Christine Daae II
WOW!!! That's so cool.

iman hasbani
I like soooooooooo

Marcus Chrysell
Knots in the wall of time.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Si el cielo adentro, ya no hay accion alguna del viento. Bellisimos azules.

Ale Fanara
Leonardo and Caravaggio used corpses as well. Where is the problem?

Peter Kimble
I certainly would not want this as blown up 3m square and on my wall anymore than a photo of... read more

Silvia Pinheiro
Wow, creepy... :|

Iulia Manea
Incredible details , i like it , i see more deep in this, impressive...

Inge Schoors
She s great!

Peter Kimble
Grateful to have seen this, Thanks to all concerned in bringing this to my attention. Good job.