Nathan Buie
I think one of the most deserved Turner prize winners…

Grace McPhee
I love the colours of the resin in this piece, they seem to glow.

Amanda Neerman
A contemporary artist who actually says something different about the politics of space and architecture.

paula bettam
hi i love this amazing work xx

Frank Briffa
Given the general standard of the Turner Prize that's not saying very much Nathan.

Katalin Fekete
disgusting - like a big purulent spot..... ááááááá

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
El segundo es de imaginar... Felicitaciones al artista! Buenisima obra! Felicitaciones al artista.

Naila Dogar
it's ugliness is the fascinating part

Blake O'Brien
it's chewed gum for anyone that didn't know

Ivan Carmody
Looks like something pertaining to a bottom.

Nathaniel Lippoldt
Giving a face to the cogs of society- more artists should be doing this!

John Sloboda
fascinating and disturbing

Will Ryman- The Bed
Will Ryman- The Bed From: Luigi Musolf
24-02-2012 23:55

Kathy Jones-Boulier
looks like my room

Rikah Alvarez
I compare that picture to my everyday lifes routine.. Charrrr

Dear Artist, Gallery Seba is pleased to announce the3. International Izmir Art Biennial, which will bring artists around the world and... read more

Cliff Wu
Agree with Joseph, seems like a shameless ripoff of Tracey.

Frank Briffa
Just as bad isn't it.

Huỳnh Tiến Phẩm
Bringing the natural world into a gallery space, a nice change.

Amanda Slade
A cheeky jigsaw puzzle of nudes!

Lola Durbin
Interesting method of display.

Edward Landin
The curtain highlights the illicit nature of the paintings.

Snjezana Kazakova
This is such a great idea for an installation!

Heather Black
i love this it looks like the artist has really captured the moment

landak seo Seo
I like This

amazing very nice art.....

Urs Fischer - You
Urs Fischer - You From: Tara Fisher
22-03-2012 15:54

Noah Harding
This sort of reminds me of the crack in the turbine hall at the Tate.

Daniel Vasquez
Those crack were from Doris Salcedo, a Colombian artist.

What ever was there, how did it get in? Pointless.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Bellas obras hay en estas paginas.

Drager Meurtant
Well sure, it's me

Hugi Hilmarsson
I love this! Your installation album is amazing!

Emile Bunon
soooo gooooood!!

Heather Black
never ending wallpaper

visser cor
very good

Angels Light

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
La vertical de la obra avanza hacia nosotros. Excelente obra. Felicitaciones.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Este artista supo mantener en silencio a las personas? Demostró que el silencio absoluto no existe. Genial.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Debe entenderse: el silencio en la sala de concierto de un teatro. El grabo todos los ruidos que existian, para... read more

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Buena obra. Lo retrata en cierta medida a Pablo Picasso. Felicitaciones!

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Pablo Picasso pinto un burro muy triste.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Picasso tenia una busqueda muy profunda. Creo que solo le interesaba su arte.

Daniel Parker
love this!

Jose Gabriel Peláez Ibañez
Very beautiful work!