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Yerusalem Russom
I love the bird's eye view.

Renata Kaiowá
I love Degas..

Kathy Jones-Boulier
she would have more luck "bathing" if she had some water in there. You can see the bottom of the... read more

Azhar Latif
Edgar forgot to fetch pail water. He sketched ,painted and painted. Artists and their models are platonically bonded.

Francesco Dacres
Looks rather bloodthirsty

Paul Michalic
perfect drawing..........very interesting

Sungeetaa Sangz
World is just too noisy

Omar Parada
I love the details!

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Esta rosa, que es lo que se observa por primera vez, esta buenisima. Es una abstraccion, pero el ojo "ve"... read more

Al J Hagen
He is a real old-fashioned craftsman

Joy Vaughn
really simple but so beautiful

Edward Burne-Jones
Edward Burne-Jones From: Godfrey Blow
29-05-2012 06:20

Susan Teller Gallery
Burne-Jones makes that pairing of angst and control of the line.

ruby abbas

Jose Gabriel Peláez Ibañez
Excellent work!!


fergus kelly
wet dreams

arbi basil

Jose Gabriel Peláez Ibañez
Very beautiful!!!

Yiannis Zorbas
Rich in details, beautiful piece of work.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Qué hermoso dibujo! Tiene todo un muy buen volumen.


María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Observemos estos retratos y otros mas contemporaneos a nosotros. La conclusion es que el retrato no paso de moda.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Influencias de Miró? Esta obra no la conocia.

Jose Gabriel Peláez Ibañez
Excelente obra,me recuerda al gran maestro Joan Miró

Jobo Lito Flores
cute....creepy...but i love it!

Tracy Emin
Tracy Emin From: Clare Culshaw
27-08-2012 20:00

Frank Briffa
You can tell she's a professor of drawing at The Royal Academy.