Henry Mulcahy
There is something so ominous about this work.

Jacky Lloyd
Interesting pose , guess with these two it must be conscious ?

george parkinson
very strong portrait.

Aleksandr Podomahin
very nice!

Peter Kimble
I like this as it seems that there are words hidden in this work. If there isnt then it something... read more

my photos
i like diz seems that there are words hidden in this work

Peter Kimble
Yes and it maybe the artist has done a work which each individual will see the words their own heart... read more

Lucretia Moore
umm...what's with the lone random penis?

ruby abbas

Carrie Hand
This African women is beautiful

Patrick Yay
cleverly painted the sexual subjects- woman masturbated by her partner

Art4All by Nadia Silvestri
wonderful colours

Birgül Özçelikci Taşören
pamuk şekeri gibi!

Gabri Berti
very beautiful!

arbi basil
wonderful work

Theodosia Kampili
I love Edgar Degas!