Raymond Rogers
Nothing to say..........

Alfred Gijon
We are crazy?. Art, what art???

PYZIK Witold
bonne piste ! continue !

Silvia Pinheiro
hmmm... ok...

Victor Pedelty

Melissa beal
Very cool collage

Come on...

DOminic Brown
nice indeed !

Berthold Stephan Maichel
< i L I K E >

Renea Schroedel
There is something very rhythmic about this.

Waldemar Dabrowski
Very nice...!

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
El ser humano una mancha mas para las fotografias aereas.

Ezequiel Endresen
I really like when artists disrupt the image or composition

Luca Harb
this is brilliant and very classy too. love it.

Giampaolo Cavallo
Elegant. Love this..

Grace McPhee
I love how the image has been taken into 3-D form.

Jami Zabala
Great colours!

Jess Glidewell
I love the way the shapes cut into each other and are layered on top of each other.

Ann Kasselin
I quite like the coloured flag with the dull mirror image flag.

warren isaacs
love the concept and the game with this one!! do many people know what it is??

great artist.

Hugi Hilmarsson
What a surreal image!

panchao(赵盼超) zhao
awful of that,but interesting

Gerry Shanahan
Beyond strange....unsettling

Rene van Rheden van Rheden
powerful image!

Brenda Melo Carvalho
Love to see how these are done...

Xia He Fan
I love this

Huỳnh Tiến Phẩm
I would love to see whether he does any work in colour...would be interesting..

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
En su busqueda de todo lo difeirente a lo clasico. Y lo logro... Un genio.


María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Las hojas amarillas hacen la funcion de modulos. El color amarillo funciona tambien como si fuera un modulo desparramado por... read more

Jose Gabriel Peláez Ibañez
Very beautiful work!!

Peter Kimble
Tốt của nó để sử dụng nghệ thuật để xóa bỏ biên giới trong tâm trí cũng như các vùng... read more

Debora Harding
Weird juxtiposition of time and nature poetic