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Tanyth Berkeley - Grace in Window

Brian Gage
This is quite an unusual photograph of someone who is not typically beautiful but the artist brings out a sense of serenity.

maxine monaghan

Ricardo Gonzalez
She is not a fashion model but is cute.

Patrick Parks
I think she is stunning!

Dea S.
I agree with Maxime, she is beautiful...(:

Dea S.
I agree with Maxime, she is beautiful...(:

Duncan Cunningham-reid
love this photo

theresa galaz
breath- taking

theresa galaz
breath- taking

Teodora Stoica
Gratia Gratiilor
Femeile sunt gratioase prin insusi feminitatea lor, dar numai
ca nu toate stiu sa apreciaze acest har divin. Unele, din cauza
pretentiilor absurde de a fi altfel de cum 'le-a lasat God', stau
in umbra nemultumirii lor si astfel ele, singure isi creaza
o imagine falsa pe care o transmite celor din exterior si ei, in sine.
Cu alte cuvinte, noi percepem 'subiectul', asa cum se vede el.
Tanyth Berkeley este, nu numai o artista excelenta in portretizare, dar ea este si un fin psiho analitic al cunoasterii sufletului si spiritului uman, dovada fiind lucrarea sa, "Grace in fereastra", a carei frumusete feminina, este degajator de lumina, care scoate in evidenta zambetul candid si gesturile ei tandre si blande de incantare a ceea ce este si de multumire fata de Creator.
Intr-adevar, "Grace in fereastra", mai poate fi numita impropriu 'Gratia Gratiilor' , datorita procedeului de capturare si talentului artistic al autoarei, care stie sa exploateze frumusetea umana.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

Grace of Graces. -Ti:
Women are graceful through their femininity himself, but only
that not all know to appreciate this divine grace. Some, because of absurd pretensions to be otherwise by how 'God left them'
stay in shadow their discontent and thus they alone creates its
a false image, on which transmit those from outside and her itself.
In other words, we perceive the 'subject', as sees him.
Tanyth Berkeley is not only a excellent artist in portrayal, but she is also a fine psycho analytical knowledge of the soul and the human spirit, as evidenced from his "Grace in Window", whose feminine beauty, released the light, which reveals candid smile and her gentle and kind gestures of the enchantment of what is and
of gratitude to the Creator.
Indeed, "Grace in Window" can be called improper 'Grace of Graces' due the process of capturing and artistic talent of the author, who knows how to exploit human beauty.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

Teodora Stoica
Thanks very much.

James Hall
I will always love this image.

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