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Frank Markham Skipworth (British artist, 1854-1929 ) The Mirror 1911Helen Galloway McNicoll (Toronto, Ontario, 1879 - Swanage, Dorset, 2 juni 1915)-The Apple GathererOphelia - Arthur RackhamUbaldo Oppi (Italian artist, 188901942) La giovane sposa, 1922The QueenVersailles, bust of Marie Antoinetteheaven, for someone who collects old bottles AND little eiffel towers. sadly, not my picture.daniel garber/1880-1958/'peonies'1922

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Juan Gris (Spanish, 1887–1927) - The Man at the Café - 1914collectioncollectioncollectioncollectionWheel of fortune 2collectionWheel of fortune

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Susan Listonvia Frankie Webster-Temple
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Diego Rivera:The Blood of the Revolutionary Martyrs Fertilizing the Earth, 1926-1927

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