Manual Dominiquez
This painting acts as a great commentary on society and French culture of the time.

Chan Hsiao
There is a fantastic look in her eye. Renoir has really captured an amazing expression on her face!

Judy Adwell Oliveira
Lovely details in this piece of art work. "This lovely ladies fine jewelry and her small pocket book down to... read more

paula bettam
i always love how the relationships are captured in these paintings xx

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Un primer plano con una arquitectura que tapa el rostro de la figura. Ésta nos observa desde el rabillo del ojo?.

Jaime Herrera
He liked to paint on the dark side.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Estas obras hay que observarlas allí, en el Museo, para sentir su grandeza.

maria aparici vives
Estas y todas Maria Amelia. Independientemente del espacio. Aparte de la fotografia, toda obra bidi y tridimensional debe apreciarse "in... read more

Daniel DeNapoli Mr. Danno
De Goya...Recorded life..Like todays CNN!! Excellent!

Katelyn Foster
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;]]]];;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; do not be fooled by this bastard, I knew he was just giving a false link, I've watched this film... read more

Heather Black
love the fact its unfinished

Amanda Gannon
colour and fluidity, 40 years on and im still trying to paint like this!

Nikos Gkoumas
Nice painting...

Gillon Stephenson
Absolutely glorious. Klimt -- how did you see the world this way? You make the rest of us look bad...... read more

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Excelente obra, se ve tétrica. Felicitaciones.

E Russell
I have so many mixed feelings about this piece and yet I think its totally brilliant

I agree with E. Russell. It's not something you can look at without feeling intense emotion.

ifan ifansubs
I like It Your Picture.. Visit My Pic Here

Ines Krausz
Like E.Russell, mixed feeling, intense emotions, couldn't take my eyes off it for a long time,... yet my firs impression... read more

Samantha Santana
Gorgeous work!!!

Dornehl Kitching
Dreamlike - simply stunning!

Radheshwari Singh
Magnificent colors as is the mood of the model!!


Carlos Camus
I like

ferlicaaudept lalapuput
This film is very unusual for me, the first time I watched this film was because my friend showed me... read more

Isabelle DelamarreMichel
c'est puissant déjà en 1963