Samihah Zahra' Shalhoub
Look a bit like a character out of an old-school video game!

pixo hammer
Love it

Erminio Di Camillo
Bellissimo lavoro.


paula bettam
love this vibrant and bold xx

Art4All by Nadia Silvestri
I cried when I saw this in person.

Gianpiero Ferraro
Michelangelo, la perfezione!

Rita Kaul
Incredible work of art

Vera Icona
intense beauty, tranquility and suffering merge into this timeless work. I can not wait to see it !!!

senta sentabet108
nice art... ... read more

Penny Glasgow

Luz Gill
I love the brush strokes.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Bellísimas sus pinturas. Sin embargo no es tan conocido como los demás artistas del período impresionista.

Ignacio Dassa
simple but lovely

Kevin Hofmann
These are so beautiful, really different from anything else I've seen

Karen Colville

This brings back memories - I was at the same Rodin Museum and took a photograph from the exact same... read more


Russell Lee Hansen Master Photog. Cert.
Can I do a thumbs down??? the king is naked..can anyone see him?

Samuel Pepe
Love the composition on the dancer in this

DOminic Brown
i like it too, great period for art and fashion

Arka Bhowmick
i am a beginner in oil painting.....can you give me some tips regarding how to make my picture look original

paula bettam
hi i really like this one especially the expression on his face xx

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Esta pagina esta muy buena para aprender a observar volumenes logrados de diversas formas. Es una pagina didactica. Felicitaciones a los que... read more

Alexandra Delli Foufri
Such an intense stare!

John Murdoch
Not what I would have expected from Munch. Not like his main body of work, such as The Scream. Not... read more

Jeremy Bunda
I love Edvard Munch! His painting, The Dance of Life (1900) is somehow stylized but it is really vivid and... read more

Erminio Di Camillo
Grande lavoro.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Marcel Duchamp abandono el arte para jugar al ajederez. Esta obra no la conocia. Fue un excelente artista dada. Dejo pocas obras.

Alexandra Epameinonda