Mária Lužová
He’s got such good use of colour in his works.

Dale Bordelon
A humorous view into the inner life of Royalty.

Nimesha Fernando Handunpurage
wo woooooo it's superb..................

Sofia Durfey
This is amazing! I wish I could create something like that!

Renea Schroedel
what an intricate piece. Really demonstrates some skill!

Art4All by Nadia Silvestri
I cried when I saw this in person.

Gianpiero Ferraro
Michelangelo, la perfezione!

Rita Kaul
Incredible work of art

Vera Icona
intense beauty, tranquility and suffering merge into this timeless work. I can not wait to see it !!!

senta sentabet108
nice art... ... read more

Nathaniel Lippoldt
Fantastic use of colour !

征 成

Benjamin Thompson
Hmmm, what's the title all about?

Gary Barrera
plays with your head!

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
La textura es tan fuerte que casi no se observa la figura. Esta esta muy bien colocada. Surgen las reminiscencias orientales al... read more

Catarina Santiago
a true this.

Cencio Briseño Solís
I like how the figure head is half cut really well.

ferlicaaudept lalapuput
This film is very unusual for me, the first time I watched this film was because my friend showed me... read more